Special Education Team





Maria Apodaca, Life Skills

maria.apodaca@austinisd.org 512-414-1780

Michele Cole

michele.cole@austinisd.org 512-414-1780

Denise Ciseros, ECSE

denise.cisneros@austinisd.org  512-414-1780

Katie Dufrene, Life Skills

kathryn.dufrene@austinisd.org 512-414-1780

Jeff Engstrom, SCORES

jeffery.engstrom@austinisd.org 512-414-1780

Liz Gallea, SCORES

elizabeth.gallea@austinisd.org 512-414-1780

Heather Garcia

heather.garcia@austinisd.org 512-414-1780

Ghada Ibrahim

ghada.ibrahim@austinisd.org 512-414-1780

Yumiko Sakamoto, Resource

yumiko.sakamoto@austinisd.org 512-414-1780
Teacher Assistants

Gena Blackstone

Lorie Brito

Laura Del Favero

Erica Garza

Mary Kimball

Ashley Lombrana

Whitney Rowell

Emily Sharin


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