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Message from the Principal

Dear Patton Families, 

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! For those new to Patton, I want you to know that your child is attending one of Texas’s top schools. And to our returning families, thank you for your dedication to making Patton the best! Our theme this year is “BE THE FIRST.” Our staff is committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in instruction and by creating a positive, welcoming environment for our students, parents, and community members. 

We hope that throughout the school year, our Parent Student Guidelines to Success (found under the Student tab in the Student Handbook) will serve as a valuable tool and easy reference. We look forward to our continued partnership to Patton Elementary School to make the MIGHTY PIONEERS a great place for all of our students. We are looking forward to an exciting and successful school year. We have prepared this handbook to provide a better understanding between school, parents and students. We ask for your cooperation so that we may provide your children with a rewarding and enriching educational experience. 

It’s GREAT to be a Patton Pioneer!

Amanda Brantley, PrincipalPrincipal, Patton Elementary School

Austin Independent School District


E. amanda.brantley@austinisd.org | W. patton.austinschools.org 

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Purple Martin Team Project

We did it! Patton students brought in over $1,100 in change and bills! Other contributions and businesses (thank you Home Depot and Natural Gardener)donated an additional $125.  We raised a total of $1,225!  The Purple Martin Colony has been installed, we are eagerly hoping for Martins to move it!


The winning classes:

5th Grade Biehle - "The Lab's Lounge"

2nd Grade Karabaic - "The Martin Mansion"

4th Grade VanUum - "Purple Viking Penthouse"

1st Grade Barajas - "Barajas Bulldog Bungalow"

2nd Grade Collums - "Purple Palace"

1st Grade Simek - "Superkids Shelter"