Volunteer Opportunities

AISD Background Check Directions

Who needs a background check?

According to Austin ISD, ALL VOLUNTEERS WHO PARTICIPATE ON SCHOOL CAMPUS MUST SUBMIT TO A CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECK. This includes general volunteers, tutors, field trip chaperone/drivers and mentors. NO EXCEPTIONS.

How do volunteers submit to a background check?

Austin Partners in Education offers criminal history background checks at no charge for volunteers who participate in an Austin ISD campus or in approved programs. Approval guidelines have been reviewed by Austin ISD General Counsel.

Volunteer Directions:

  1. Go to www.austinpartners.org
  2. Select “VOLUNTEER” tab (blue circle tab)
  3. Click on “Volunteer Now”
  4. Donation page is OPTIONAL. Click the “click here” link at the top of the page.
  5. Select “school based volunteer”
  6. Drop down menu for school selection (Patton Elementary)
  7. Select “Volunteer Opportunity”
  8. Register as a new user or sign in 

Upon successful completion of the background check, you will receive an email stating whether it has been approved or denied. Once approved, you are required to bring in your DL/ID to the front office for scanning into our Raptor system.

Note: If a volunteer has registered in the APIE system before but has a new e-mail address, they should contact APIE directly at (512) 637-0900 to update their registration.

How long do background checks take?

Background checks can take anywhere from 2 to 14 business days. Please allow sufficient time for processing. Denials will NOT be sent to the school.


Contact Nancy Phipps at Patton Elementary via email nancy.phipps@austinisd.org or phone (512) 414-1781.